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How To Study In College… Perfected

“A surprise”
“I ended up reading it cover to cover in only 3 days… After the first hour of reading, I felt a great sense of motivation. Gunnar really speaks the truth.”

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“I wanted to write to you and give you a big THANK YOU! I really appreciate the organized, concise and fun way you delivered this information…”

Finally… College success strategies
as easy to use as a screwdriver.

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Hi parents, I’m Gunnar Fox.

I’ve assembled a PROVEN success tool box your student can start using TODAY. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family’s college investment will pay off.

What are my credentials?

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Dear Parent of a Student Working Toward A Bright Future:

Whether she is a college freshman just starting out – or he is a senior seeking to boost his G.P.A. to the next level – you can make a major impact on your student’s academic and professional career…
The cost of tuition at a four-year university has been rising at an average of 12% a year. College is extremely serious business for your family.

Here’s the really worrisome part… According to U.S. Census figures, more than a quarter of Americans ages 18 to 35 are now living with their parents.

They’re called “boomerang kids”. These young adults are often college dropouts or, just as often, college grads who can’t seem to launch successful careers. The job market is tight and competition is fierce.

The truth is, there are unspoken rules in college. The students who excel manage to learn these rules, usually from a life-changing academic mentor. Through this book, I would be honored to be that mentor for them, as I have been for thousands of students over the last decade.

Your heart is in the right place. But if they don’t actually use the
college study advice you are providing it won’t help them.

Why is this book different? Because I know how to get through to students to help themsucceed. And not only eager students with great parental support. I’m talking about low-confidence students and young people who are considered “at-risk.” If your student actually wants to succeed and you are in their corner this is going to be easier than you think.

Unfortunately, a lot of college how-to manuals are as B-O-R-I-N-G as watching paint dry. Not even the most motivated student can slog through one.

But Kick Ass in College is different. It’s fast-paced, “immediately useful,” and genuinely entertaining! (I promise you, this is your best choice for “reluctant readers.” Just ask any librarian in the thousands of libraries that carry my book!)

Your student will actually read this beautifully illustrated material cover-to-cover and INTERNALIZE the information! Best of all, my strategies are as practical and simple to use as a screwdriver.


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For students, experiencing Kick Ass in College is like having
their own personal success coach at their side.

Kick Ass in College feels less like a book and more like a great conversation with a top college pro (who occasionally uses swear words). It’s not only a step-by-step blueprint for to getting students through college with top grades… It is also a map to long-term career success.

Don’t let the brash name (or the affordable price) fool you. This is cutting-edge, life-changing advice.

I am confident that Kick Ass in College could be among the greatest gifts you’ll ever give your son or daughter.

I wish you and your family every success.



Author of Kick Ass in College

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